Tattoo Rights & Permission (PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION)

Tattoo Rights & Permission (PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION)

Hi there! Have you seen a piece of art created by Doodlekev Illustrations that you'd like to have as a tattoo? There have been many of you that have respectfully reached out about obtaining permission to have our art tattooed.

This $60 package includes a PDF of your desired artwork, along with the rights and permission to be used by a tattoo artist.

*BEFORE PURCHASING, PLEASE EMAIL US FIRST AT DOODLEKEVILLUSTRATIONS@GMAIL.COM with the name of the desired illustration. We just need to ensure the artwork in question isn't a previous client's commission that holds exclusive rights to the artwork.

Once we've reviewed the illustration and received payment, your PDF will be emailed to you.

Please feel free to reach out with any further questions regarding tattoo rights. Thank you.